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  • Miczvaal Dvasak (Tuesday, April 17 18 08:10 pm BST)

    Hi, my wive is buying thease sweets last yeaer from Lindsays Sweets Just got notifction of posting, not knowing this is well working she is nice girl, sweets is taste nice but cones is very very WONKY! This is may be happening at car in way home as kids us tasking and lickeing these sweets verry is much but is not in sure. is nice man also at village neaer is lindays adress called jims.but advise is with shop around Lindsay is nice gurl, hair very cury and frendly such so can try her is furst :-) xx

  • Steve the Boss (Tuesday, April 17 18 07:12 pm BST)

    Good fast delivery, good quality sweet cones at a great price. Thankyou.

  • Julie Sutherland (Tuesday, April 17 18 07:02 pm BST)

    Life-saver!!! Silly me leaving it to the last minute. Thankyou so much for rescueing me at such short notice Lindsay. It was so nice to be able to chat to a real, local person on the phone who knows what it's like to have nutty kids. How amazing it was to be able to arrange a pick up time on the very night of the party and not have to rely on, or pay for, stupid delivery drivers that don't turn up. Please keep your business going Lindsay, I will spread the word to make sure all my friends know about your great service. Big smiles from Jules and all the kids. Thankyou from us all! xx :-) :-)

  • Amy waters (Monday, September 18 17 05:57 pm BST)

    good sweet cup great for a party

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